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How do I get the voter kit

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Can some 1 plz leave a link to the website for the voter kit
Posted Jan 19, 13 · OP
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Sometimes, a link will pop up in the walls pre-game. it will say something like: get the voters kit, then a link. click on that link, fill out a couple of things, and ur done!
Posted Jan 20, 13
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tischstern PROVIP
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This should appear ingame:


The two links are

If you voted successfully, you can get the Voter Kit by pushing the button under the Voter Kit sign - look at this:


Hope this helped,

Posted Jan 20, 13
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Whenever I vote it wont work. Why?
Posted Apr 2, 13
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I vote, the button shows up, but it says that I can't use the kit. This is a glitch that needs to be looked into.
Posted Apr 2, 13
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boophis AdminSupportMaster-GMGM
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Hi lwhite042, welcome to the forums. Please do not post on old threads that have not been posted on in over a week. This is necroposting and is against forum rules. As far as the voter kit, you can see a thread about it here and you should make sure that your votes on both sites has been counted as explained in that thread for the kit to work.
Posted Apr 4, 13
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