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1. In game name: DagonLord258

2. Type of Report: Stealing

3. What happened: Two people stole items and griefed our base.

4. When did it happen: Just now

5. Names of accused: daisyneri8, nguyenvonhoa19

6. Screenshot/Other Evidence:
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Give this lil' old egg a click.

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I really don't know where this one came from. :sick:
Posted Mar 31, 13 · OP · Last edited Mar 31, 13 by DagonLord258
obliskMC VIP
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God, he tried to break the block under us too, this annoyed the crap out of me!!!
Posted Mar 31, 13
boophis AdminSupportMaster-GMGM
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Hi DagonLord258 and obliskMC, thanks for the report. daisyneri8 has been added to the warning list for stealing and nguyenvonhoa19 for language. If you had captured evidence of them spleefing you, we could have banned them but for now they are warned. Nice to see you on the reporting side! :sick:
Posted Apr 1, 13
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